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Radixx offers an inspiring work environment built around their core values of innovation, accountability and open communication. Radixx offers an environment where exceptional performance is recognized, every idea has a voice, and career development is boundless. Radixx is always looking for partners that share those values to create the highest level of customer service to their global airline customers. Radixx values customer feedback and conducts annual Customer Satisfaction Surveys to continue to strive to improve their offering. As a trusted innovation partner, Radixx retains their entrepreneurial spirit delivering through rapid responsiveness, continuous development release cycles, and unique partnership models with a focus on enabling airlines to become effective retailers and efficient operators.


Founded in 1993 by Ron Peri, former CEO and Chairman, Radixx was built to offer a retail centric alternative solution to legacy PNR-based reservations systems. At its core, Radixx was built to leverage the technology industry’s rapid advances which led to cloud-based solutions that quickly deploy and which traditional providers are unable to support due to their major investments in legacy technology. Historically the provider for Low Cost (LCC’s) and retail focused carriers, Radixx today supports all airline business models, in ticketed & ticketless capacity.


Ron Peri founded Radixx Solutions International, Inc. in 1994. Mr. Peri has over 40 year's experience in Information Technology. As President and CEO of Computer Support of North America, Inc. (CNSA), Mr. Peri architected the first major replacement of an IBM mainframe with PC networks in 1987. His replacement of IBM 3090 mainframe with PC technology reduced operating expenses by more than 1,000% at the reinsurance division of Beneficial Life Insurance (subsequently spun out as American Centennial Insurance, Inc.) and made front page news in the Wall Street Journal as the 'vanguard of a revolution'. CSNA was acquired by The Ultimate Corp (Allerion) an NYSE listed company. After assisting more than sixty Fortune Five Hundred companies in replacing mainframes, Mr. Peri was asked to architect a mainframe replacement for a low-cost carrier and Radixx was born.


Radixx airline merchandizing and distribution platforms combine retail best practices and airline expertise to deliver increased revenue and a differentiated traveler experience. The Radixx micro-service based architecture provides flexibility and stability, supporting both ticketed & ticketless environments and network connectivity for airlines of all business models. The innovative Radixx solutions allow airlines to differentiate their brand and monetize multiple customer touch points in an invoice-based order, through any channel.

The Radixx solutions deliver scalability engineered at the core, enabling quick integration and automated deployments for increased innovation velocity. The robust Radixx solutions leverage API gateways for integration to 3rd parties in a highly intuitive, browser based interface. All solutions deliver data encryption, security and payment integration. Radixx solutions support most industry standards and certifications.


Today Radixx prides itself in empowering airlines to be effective retailers and efficient operators. Their in-house team of developers are the go-to innovation partner for airlines to merchandize and sell worldwide travel content through any channel. Most recently Radixx was acquired by the leading Private Equity firm, TA Associates, and is now successfully spearheading the market with their invoice based passenger processing system.

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