Departure Control

Utilizing an Internet-based Departure Control System (DCS), Radixx simplifies the entire check-in process from start to finish by requiring only a computer and an Internet connection.

Prior to arriving at the airport, passengers can:

  • Complete an online Web Check-In.
  • Choose from the advance seat selection.
  • Pay for additional services such as excess baggage or other ancillary services.

At the airport, passengers can:

  • Check in at a counter, receive a boarding pass and automated bag tag.
  • Check in via a hand-held device.
  • Purchase seats.
  • Pay for excess baggage.
  • Purchase additional services.

DCS Features

The Radixx DCS offers an extensive array of features and benefits, including:

  • Notices – Update airport agents on important airline or industry information.
  • Manifests – Design manifests in accordance to airline specifics, save in different formats and print.
  • Flight status – Assign gates for each flight, lists departure, arrival, out gate, aircraft, gate, status. View out, off, on and in details and track check-in.
  • Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS) Information – Collect or modify all information in the system.
  • Baggage – Assign baggage, remove baggage, assign checked and carry-on baggage to a specific passenger.
  • Passenger Activities – Create and modify information, collect balance due, change status, check out, offload.
  • Seats – Assign seats, soft block seats, view available, assigned, current passenger, current reservation, dynamically blocked seats, infant, unaccompanied minor.
  • Services – Add Special Service Requests (SSRs), collect payments.
  • Frequent Flyer – Add frequent flyer number.
  • History – View all check-in history, APIS history and comments.
  • Passenger Status – View active, checked-in, boarded, flown, wait list, stand by. Auto cancels of no-show, close out of e-tickets, standby, positive boarding verification.
  • Payment – Accept payments, view balance due (a balance due will not allow the agent to complete passenger check-in), allow for any type of acceptable payment.
  • Aviation Security – Each country has different aviation security requirements and as such, Radixx has partnered with ARINC to ensure all of our airlines are in compliance with each government’s requirements for the countries the airline will be operating in. The ARINC network is consistently updated with changes, new countries and more to minimize the chance of an airline being fined for non-compliance. More and more countries continue to add APIS and other aviation security requirements and Radixx through its partnership with ARINC is able to integrate (based on requests from our clients) to those governments requiring security processing. Some of the countries Radixx has integrated with for current clients include:
    • USA – US International & Domestic Secure Flight as well as CBP Passenger Name Record (PNR) Push for airlines flying into and out of the US
    • APIS processing to the Dominican Republic, CARICOM, and more!
    • *Separate set up, configuration and testing is required for each airline and each country an airline is operating in for aviation security requirements due to government regulations.
  • Boarding Passes and Bag Tags – Issue, print, reprint, system generated number, user generated number, International Air Transport Association (IATA) compliant 2D barcodes.

NOTE: Radixx uses commodity hardware for printers and bar code scanners which cost much less than specialized hardware. Airport agents can print bag tags and boarding passes to any supported printer. Agents can also scan bar codes on the boarding passes which update the Radixx DCS and Radixx Galaxy™ systems as passengers arrive at the gate to be processed for the departing flight. Passengers may only board if the Radixx DCS matches the passenger to the appropriate flight. This eases and speeds up the gate check-in process.

Common Use Environments / Third Party Ground Handlers

An airline may contract for third party ground handling at some, if not all, airports where flights are operated. For this reason, Radixx supports the following messaging with ground handlers:

  • Outbound Passenger Name List (PNL) and Add/Delete List (ADL).
  • Inbound Passenger Final Sales (PFS) and Passenger Reconcile List (PRL).
  • Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM), Passenger Assisted List (PAL) and Change Assisted List (CAL).

Additionally, Radixx is SITA CUTE, RESA CREWS and ARINC MUSE certified allowing an airline to use the Radixx DCS in a Common Use airport environment.

“Check In” Screen Shown Below:

Check In Screen

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