Call Center

Built directly into the core Radixx Galaxy™ system, the call center application allows users to book, modify and cancel reservations in a call center environment. This Internet-based application can also be used at a ticket counter if an airline has an actual office where it accepts reservations or at the airport. Users can also easily add Special Service Requests (SSRs), comments, view history and more.

Search for flights by one way, round trip or multi-segment. Flight availability may be requested by Space Available or Positive Space, specific flights, or passenger types. Data returned includes class of service, days/times of operation and available number of seats.

Fare Quote option provides a full quote to a passenger by breaking down the fare, taxes and fees. The system provides the ability to select any currency for the consumer in fare quote.

Non-homogenous Passenger Name Records (PNRs) – Passengers may travel on different itineraries within the same record thereby eliminating the requirement for split reservations while allowing for multiple payment methods on one or more segments and multiple itineraries within any given reservation.

Modify and Cancel Bookings – Move a passenger to a new day or flight, change the spelling of a passenger’s name; cancel a reservation, segment or passenger; add a segment or passenger; apply change or cancel penalties.

Passenger Information – Collect and store date of birth, nationality, gender, passport information, frequent flyer numbers, name, title, address, telephone number, email, weight, etc. to satisfy APIS and other security requirements. Also, users can search to pre-populate repeat travelers by a variety of methods. Fares and any subsequent charges are always mapped to a passenger allowing an airline to see the total revenue from each individual passenger.

Profiles – Search for existing passengers, create new profiles.

Comments – Keeps a history of comments on each reservation forever.

Receipt – Email or Short Message Service (SMS) receipts to a passenger.

Unacommpanied Minors – Add services for drop off and pick up. Forms must be filled out for each segment.

Reservation History – View every charge, payment, comment or action in the history of any reservation. View no shows, reservation channel, user ID, Internet Protocol (IP) Address if booked over a Web channel, date and receipt status. Radixx stores all PNRs and all history forever. Data is never purged.

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