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Whether seeking to upgrade your current reservations system, or simply desiring to add additional functionality or distribution channels to your current system, Radixx can provide solutions for any of your airline’s needs.

Smart, Modern Software

The Radixx Air Passenger Services System (PSS) provides a comprehensive platform that enables airlines to create and manage their offer to the market. This includes the establishment of a flight schedule, the allocation of seat inventory to flights, creation of fares and fare rules and management of the conditions under which products will be offered to the market in order to achieve the optimum revenue from the available inventory.

The fully integrated modules of Radixx Air provide all necessary system functions to implement a state-of-the-art enterprise PSS for any airline initiative. Radixx Air can be rapidly deployed, and the web-based interface is easy to use and requires minimal training, yielding significant initial and recurrent training cost savings.


Radixx combines the power and scalability of the Oracle® 12C relational database with the flexibility and low cost of Linux and Windows. All sales channels supported by Radixx are integrated into the core Radixx Air PSS, based on a singular Oracle Relational Database. This enables all interactions to update in real time within the database and system, whether done via the Web, Call Center, Travel Agency Portal, DCS, GDS Connectivity, Interline Connectivity, Codeshare Connectivity, etc.

Secure, Dependable Hosting

Experience the security, reliability, and scalability of our hosted solutions. Our hardware is colocated at DataSite Orlando, a world-class data center facility. Three jet engine turbines for backup generation provide an incredibly high degree of stability. With SSAE 16 Type II annual audits and 24 hour security, you can rest easy knowing your data will be secure.

Robust Reporting and Data Warehousing

Radixx’ Web-based reporting module, RADAR, contains complete Administrative, Accounting, Operations and Sales reports providing information that can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from revenue analysis, forecasting, strategic planning, and data mining. Each airline receives its very own Oracle® Data Warehouse with Cognos® Business Intelligence. All of the data stays online and is accessible to the airline forever.

Custom-made, real-time reports give airlines an in-depth analyis of their sales and operation. Build custom reports using any data fields in the system, arranged in any manner, and access your data in real-time with our Self-Authoring Reporting Module called RETRIEVE.

Seamless Connectivity

In the modern airline environment many airlines need to connect a variety of external systems to their core PSS. Radixx Air is designed to stand alone or work in consort with an airline's current or future databases and systems. Radixx gives airlines the ability to connect to all of the major GDSs and PSSs.

API Connectivity

Radixx Air uses a service-oriented architecture which enables a comprehensive Application Programming Interface that allows third parties such as Web site design companies, tour operator systems, payment gateways, and more to access services from the PSS.

Interline & Codeshare Connectivity

Our software fully supports IATA Standard Interline and Codeshare connectivity to Other Airline PSSs via Type B Message and Type A Link. Radixx is currently connected at a Type A level to over 30 airlines for Inbound Interline ETicketing (IET) Connectivity, and is currently connected with United Airlines and Delta Air Lines for Inter Airline Through Check In (IATCI). Integration with the Travelport IATCI Hub enables our airline partners to access those airlines in the hub with whom the Radixx hosted carrier has an IATCI relationship with.

GDS Connectivity

Our software fully supports IATA Standard GDS connectivity to all of the major GDSs via Type B Message and Type A Link.

Fits All Business Models

The Radixx Air PSS is a modular software solution that can be tailored to any business model. Support all distribution channels, sell any ancillary service, accept any form or payment, and gain valuable insight to your business with custom reporting. Whether direct, through a global distribution system, ticketless, or ETicketed, the Radixx Air PSS

Supports All Distribution Channels:

  • Call Center Application
  • Internet Booking Engine
  • Travel Agency / Corporate Portal
  • Departure Control System
  • IATA Standard Interline & Codeshare Connectivity (Type B Messaging & Type A Links)
  • IATA Standard GDS Connectivity (Type B Messaging & Type A Links)
  • Online Travel Agency (OTA) Direct Connect
  • Tour Operator Direct Connect

Sell Any Ancillary Service:

  • User definable Special Service Requests (SSRs)
  • IATA Standard SSRs
  • Inventory Controlled, Commissionable

Accept Any Form of Payment:

  • Multiple payments per booking in any currency
  • Any payments provider may be integrated via the API
  • Full vouchers module
  • Ticketless and E-Ticket both supported natively

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