Professional Services

Radixx Professional Services™

Radixx Professional Services is a comprehensive knowledge-based service enabling the effective utilization of our products using industry best-practices. To find out how Radixx can help you benchmark your airline's operations with industry best practices and define optimal approach, contact our Professional Services team.


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Radixx ezyCommerce®

Omni-Channel Retailing

Differentiate your brand with a one-stop retail solution for all passenger travel needs with this comprehensive e-commerce platform.

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Radixx Res®

Passenger Processing

Benefit from retail at the core and maximize your passenger revenue with this truly modern airline reservations platform.

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Radixx Go®

Airport Handling

Streamline your passenger processing and reduce counter space at the airport with this comprehensive departure services platform.

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Radixx Insight®

Analytics & Optimization

Your customers’ data is the most valuable asset to grow your business in the future.

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