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Radixx Insight Marketing+™

Your airline is surrounded by data. Make your data work for you by taking advantage of Radixx Insight Marketing+™.

Radixx Insight Marketing+™ is a set of tools that enables advanced market analysis, customer profiling, and the creation and management of marketing campaigns. The solution provides the means to analyze your data and insert intelligence at each step of the customer journey, so you are empowered to create personalized campaigns that increase customer loyalty and the overall travel experience.


Customer Data Processing

Create unique travel experiences in one customer record with the platform that automatically and continuously processes customer activity and adds it to frequent flyer profiles. Take advantage of the foundational ability for personalized customer value propositioning founded in data science and deep customer learning.


Enrollment and Profile Update

By leveraging the Radixx Res Profiles Modules, the platform will automatically create customer profiles with event data streaming, accessible in real-time and at scale, to enable customer value propositions.


Customer Segment Creation

Increase promotional campaign efficiencies to drive revenue, loyalty, and customer retention with continuously updated customer segments that are relevant and ready for marketing campaigns without extensive data analytics.


Campaign Creation

Create and manage your own marketing campaigns without development or third-party intervention. Create marketing campaigns with defined KPIs and campaign rules in minutes within the platform’s intuitive interface. 


Offer Creation

Seamless end-to-end management of marketing offers that are fully integrated with the Radixx Res platform.


Customer Communication

Maintain your contact lists and measure received, open, and click rates, and other defined ROI campaign successes. The platform features end-to-end customer communication management with audited traces and contact data quality management.


Campaign Measurement

Enable continuous learning and take advantage of real-time visualization of campaign performance to adjust campaigns using on-demand or scheduled delivered dashboards.


Campaign Revenue Reporting

Receive marketing and sales reports to measure revenue generation and stay informed on campaign performance to adjust campaigns instantly in response to KPI metrics.


Privacy and Consent Management

Enhance customer communications and engagement, with consent of customers and in compliance with relevant regulations.


Customer Profiles

Achieve market differentiation as a result of improved ability to continuously enhance customer profiles and reflect learning outcomes in the real-time customer store with loyalty programs, survey results, machine learning, and campaign results. 

Business Benefits Include

On-demand access to a continuously updated single customer data source for customer segmentation and special offers

Retrieve customer profiles from a real-time data store in milliseconds at scale to present personalized offers to customers based on their profiles

Access to a set of tools to create and maintain customer segments and select targeted segments for marketing campaigns and offers

Associate a campaign definition with a customer segment to reuse blueprints to create new offers

Deliver campaign offers to targeted customers with accuracy using communication channels that are appropriate for a high level of customer engagement

On-demand or scheduled campaign performance reporting with dashboards measured against the original campaign objective

On-demand or scheduled access to performance reports as well as cross-campaign information

Accurate audit traces to prove campaign data control, data processing, and data subjects that can be used in the event of an audit

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