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Radixx Insight®

Analytics and Intelligence to transform retailing and drive efficiencies

Large, disparate data sets make it almost impossible for many modern airlines to make use of their data. And yet the need for intelligent responses to market conditions make real-time insights more important than ever. Carriers must leverage data as the most powerful asset to transform their retailing efforts.


Employ data to work for you

Radixx Insight is an analytics and revenue optimization solution that combines comprehensive views of the customer lifecycle with real-time recommendations to increase retailing effectiveness and operational efficiency. This powerful solution delivers adaptive decision-making, helping airlines compete and win in the marketplace.


annual savings in TCO

Radixx Insight users can implement add-on solutions to ensure they benefit from the platform level that best suits their needs. And after implementation, customers can realize a 36% annual savings in total cost of ownership vs. off-the-shelf competitor solutions. 

Product Features

Customize comprehensive decision support

Increase reporting relevancy with customizable reports and dashboards.

Continuously process real-time data

Improve data security and reliability with on-demand cloud computing.

Access personalized selling insights

Leverage advanced market analysis and customer profiling to create and manage marketing campaigns with Radixx Insight Marketing+.

Seamlessly integrate data for reporting

Integrate data from any source – Radixx or external – for a complete view of the passenger journey.

Embrace the power of knowledge

If you have additional questions about Radixx Insight or would like to learn more about Radixx, please contact us. 

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