Analytics & Optimization

Radixx Insight®

Radixx Insight® is an analytics and revenue optimization platform that enables airlines to leverage data in order to increase the effectiveness of their retailing and improve the efficiency of their operations. By providing comprehensive views of the customer lifecycle with timely recommendations, the Radixx Insight™ platform promotes adaptive decision-making by airlines to be competitive in the marketplace.


Scalable Cloud-Hosted Data Warehouse

Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Radixx Insight™ delivers a comprehensive, secure platform for on-demand cloud computing. The column-based storage technology is built for fast analytic queries that allow accessing information on-demand. Radixx Insight™ enables the airline to make faster and smarter business decisions with access to real-time data-integration at a fraction of the cost of traditional data warehouse implementations.


Customizable Reports and Dashboards

Radixx Insight™ delivers a comprehensive information portal for a single point of access to reporting, information visualization and intelligent decision support. Standard dashboard views are customizable, giving airlines the ability to design, build, and deploy personalized dashboards to enrich the enterprise information portal. Unique dashboards allow for efficient access to specific reports depending on the logged-in user. The Radixx Insight™ portal is desktop, tablet and mobile device friendly to ensure users access to their dashboards and reports anywhere.


Full-Featured Orchestration and ETL Engine

Radixx Insight™ uses an ETL modeler to build unique data integration streams to enrich the data warehouse. Options to use the standard ETL process with new ETL definitions or build custom ETL process flows. The visual modeler allows users to debug new integration processes visually. Simultaneously deploy and activate new integration streams. Process modeling and testing is supported on a private AWS Workspace to facilitate high-level security. 


Tailored Vertical Solution Integration

Radixx Insight™ includes the integration of tailored vertical solutions delivered by Radixx Professional Services. These vertical solutions are built on the technology platform to optimize the effectiveness of retailing and efficiency of operations. Integrations include marketing, loyalty, financial, and revenue optimization. 


Make your data work for you.

Your airline is surrounded by data. Make your data work for you by taking advantage of Radixx Insight Marketing Plus.

Radixx Insight Marketing Plus is a set of tools that enables advanced market analysis, customer profiling, and the creation and management of marketing campaigns. The solution provides the means to analyze your data and insert intelligence at each step of the customer journey, so you are empowered to create personalized campaigns that increase customer loyalty and the overall travel experience.


Technical features include

Information Portal
Cloud Data Warehouse
XaaS Stack in the Cloud
Dashboard Viewer
Dashboard Builder
Extract Builder
Interest Group Management
Report Scheduler
KPI Metric Cache
Business & Service Activity Monitor
Business Metric Time Serialisation
Specialised ETL modeler

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