Passenger Processing

Radixx Res™

Your airline is unique and so are your passengers.

It doesn’t matter if you are a growing local carrier looking to offer branded fares, a low cost carrier who is looking to connect with partner airlines to expand your network offering or an established carrier looking for speed and agility – your systems need to give you the innovative edge that enables your business to grow, expand in business model and allow you to treat each customer as an individual.

The Passenger Services System (PSS) sits at the heart of your airline’s business and is the mission critical component that handles each step of the passenger journey from shopping to booking to boarding to post-flight servicing. 


Monetize each customer touchpoint, and maximize passenger revenue

Radixx’s innovative approach to achieve true differentiation for their airline partners is to combine unique retail expertise with strong airline experience, delivering a solution that enables your airline to monetize each customer touchpoint.  Radixx’s new passenger processing platform enables your airline to maximize the available revenue per passenger while operating highly efficiently and cost effectively.


All-in-one, fully web-based passenger services tool for all channels

The Radixx Passenger Processing system, Radixx Res is the first truly modern reservations platform built on a micro-services architecture. Radixx understand the importance of close partnership with their carriers and have focused on creating a one-stop-shop solution that gives your airline the leading edge.


Adapts to your business model and integrates with existing systems

Radixx Res™ allows you to operate in a ticketed or ticketless mode, is fully GDS-enabled and provides a complete set of API services for easy integration, access and customization.

State of the art features include

Supports ticketed and ticketless
Full GDS integration
API enabled
Modern micro-services architecture

Modernize your passenger processing

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