Passenger Processing

Radixx Res™

Your airline is unique and so are your passengers.

Radixx Res™ is an industry-leading passenger processing platform that supports ticketed and ticketless airline business models, while facilitating all types of airline partnerships. The modern micro-services based architecture enables rapid development and deployment, enabling efficient operations during peak times. The modern platform is built with retailing at the core, enabling centralized management of flight and value-added products, increasing sales and improving the traveler experience.


Boosted Ancillary Revenue

The Radixx Res™ Advanced Ancillary engine offers the streamlined sale of value-added services through all distribution channels. The end-to-end solution allows airlines to setup pricing mark-ups, mark-downs, and bundles to grow sales and improve the traveler experience. Airlines will benefit from features including: dynamic shopping, sales, service delivery, revenue tracking, reporting, and analytics.


Increased Operational Efficiency

The Radixx Res™ industry-compliant schedules module increases operational efficiency by automating schedule loading through the import of SSIM files. The highly interoperable support of operational messaging enables airlines to integrate with any third-party flight operations system. The flexible retail solution provides a unique shopping cart experience, grouping flights and ancillaries in one order and simplified modification. Seamless integration with Radixx Go™ and Radixx ezyCommerce™ ensures consistency across PNRs and centralized pricing for sales across any distribution channel.   


Scalable Architecture

The Radixx Res™ platform is the first truly modern reservations platform in the airline industry. Built using robust micro-services architecture, Radixx Res™ enables rapid development life-cycle deployments and the ability to auto-scale to accommodate growth, enabling airlines to operate efficiently.


Flexible Technology

The Radixx Res™ advanced framework supports any business model including ticketed and ticketless, catering to the needs of traditional, hybrid, ultra-low cost, and low cost airlines. Radixx Res™ enables airlines to make smart business decisions with detailed insight into the travel habits of their frequent travelers with the use of the Radixx Res™ Profiles feature. Benefit from the proven globally responsive user-friendly interface.  


Direct GDS Distribution

From inception, Radixx Res™ has supported GDS integration for its global community of airlines, enabling them to increase their market reach. Simultaneously support a ticketless, low-cost business model and ticketed, traditional business model within one integrated system. The Radixx eTicket database is fully integrated providing airlines with full IATA BSP eTicket distribution and settlement. Radixx currently supports the following GDS connections: Axess, Abacus, Amadeus, Apollo, Galileo, Infini, Sabre, Travelsky, and Worldspan.

State of the art features include

Data Extracts provide direct insight into operational and financial performance
Bulk Re-accommodation for schedule and flight modifications
Real-time flight status updates for increased accuracy
Modern micro-services architecture for efficient deployments with minimal downtime
Seamless Availability in real time using availability messages
Full support of EMD-A
Contract Management Module for inventory and revenue management with tour operators, cruise lines, and more
Customizable Membership Profile Module
Multiple language support
User-friendly CMS and design interface
Advanced Ancillary Revenue Module for pricing and inventory model configuration
Real-time inventory management
Type B Booking with Record Locator Return
Full support of Standard and Numeric AVS
Interactive Sell (ITAREQ/HWPREQ)
Interactive Availability (PAOREQ)
ETicketing (TKTREQ) with Radixx ETicket Database
Interactive Seat Maps (SMPREQ)
Interactive Seat Assignment (SBPREQ)
Inbound and Outbound Interline and Codeshare Support
EDIFACT Compliant
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