Radixx Go™

Radixx Go Touchless™

Go completely contactless and transform your airport operations

What if you could completely control all the hardware from Radixx Go Touch, without actually touching anything? Using facial recognition, the Radixx Go Touchless™ suite enables contactless operations to complete the check-in and bag-tagging process, decreasing operational costs, streamlining the travel journey, and reducing concerns surrounding returning to normal travel activities.

With Radixx Go Touchless™ airlines achieve:

  • Decreased cost of airport operations
  • Increased ancillary revenue collection
  • Reduced physical touchpoints during the travel journey

Biometric Technology

Create biometric tokens so passengers can use facial recognition to complete the bag-tagging process, providing a completely touchless airport experience


Radixx Go Touchless™ Quick Tag

Touchless check-in and contactless payments using proximity activated biometrics

Complete bag tags in less than 10 seconds with hardware deployed even where space is limited.
With a variety of configuration options, the perfect complement to Web Check-in is designed to suit your airline’s specific needs.


Radixx Go Touchless™ Kiosk

Zero-contact check-in and ancillary payments using built-in facial biometrics

Expedite check-in services with our easy-to-use kiosk with integrated ancillary payments solution.


Radixx Go Touchless™ Arch

Touchless bag tagging and scanning enabled through biometric technology.

Simply place your bag on the belt, and if it is within allowance, it will be injected into the sortation system.

Hassle Free Bag Drop

Bag drop in as little as 10 seconds per bag.

Retrofits onto existing infrastructure

Allows automatic cross referencing of weight and drives the baggage conveyor.

State of the art features include

Remote control all hardware from the passenger’s mobile device
Proximity activated biometric technology enabled
Complete bag tag processing in 10 seconds
Increase operational efficiency by processing more passengers through your existing space
Mobile powered touchless ancillary payment
Mobile baggage check right from passengers’ home or hotel

Download the Free Brochure

Learn more about the Radixx Go Touchless™ suite and how it can benefit your airline by downloading our free brochure. You may also request a demo with this form.


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