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Radixx Go®

Your airline is unique and so is every airport you serve.

Radixx Go® is an industry-leading, cloud-based departure services suite of products that provides airlines with innovative mobile and self-service features that have proven to increase ancillary revenues in the airport, enhance the passenger experience, and significantly reduce passenger handling costs at airlines across the globe.


Increased Retailing Opportunities

Generate new revenue by selling ancillaries airside and landside with unbelievable ease. The Radixx Go™ state-of-the-art technology is designed to empower agents to sell ancillaries during multiple points in the traveler’s journey by removing the traditional confines of the check-in desk. Enabled by a smartphone application, the robust Radixx Go Touch™ solution delivers streamlined operational efficiencies, increased customer satisfaction, and revenue uplift, by empowering agents to sell anywhere including: in the check-in queue, at the gate, airline lounge, or hotel, further enhancing the passenger journey and increasing airline’s retail revenue.


Reduced Operational Costs

Speed up your pre-flight preparation by automating manual processes. The Radixx Go™ innovative platform enables streamlined passenger processing allowing agents to check-in a passenger in seconds, increasing traveler satisfaction and reducing operational costs. The Radixx Go Touch™ modern mobile, roaming agent, kiosk, and mobile bag drop solutions increase efficiency at the airport and reduce traveler queues. Agents are enabled with mobile abilities that greatly reduce counter space cost and common-use requirements. 


Maximized Airport Efficiency

The Radixx Go™ state-of-the-art technology platform is designed to empower agents to better assist your passengers during multiple points in their journey through a smartphone application, delivering increased operational efficiency and revenue uplift. Mobile agents can fully process passenger sales throughout the entire journey, from the hotel lobby, to airline membership lounges, to the boarding gate. Seamless integration with Radixx Res™ provides centralized ancillary setup and pricing for increased ease in processing sales at any passenger touch point.  


Streamlined Cloud-Native Architecture

The Radixx Go™ fully web-enabled modern platform is the only truly cloud-based departure services solution on the market, deployable to an entire airport terminal. The platform’s desktop suite is certified with multiple common-use systems, enabling quick deployments and integrations on native desktops. Seamless integration with Radixx Res™ and Radixx ezyCommerce™ maintains PNR consistency across all platforms throughout the entire experience.


Go completely contactless and transform your airport operations

Using facial recognition, the Radixx Go Touchless™ suite enables contactless operations to complete the check-in and bag-tagging process, decreasing operational costs, streamlining the travel journey, and reducing concerns surrounding returning to normal travel activities.

With Radixx Go Touchless™ airlines achieve:

  • Decreased cost of airport operations
  • Increased ancillary revenue collection
  • Reduced physical touchpoints during the travel journey


State of the art features include

Retrieve seat, collect APIS and check-in passengers in seconds
Increased ancillary sales at each point in the traveler journey
Check-in, Self-Service Bag Drop (SSBD), and more via self-service Kiosk integration
Customizable Web Check-in solution
Support of InterAirline Through Check-In (IATCI)
Supports effective SMS messaging integrations
Automated data transfers with Turn Management Solution
Increased automation and accuracy with Load Control Solution
Certified with common-use platforms
Supports of government messaging
Full support of Credit Card and Revenue Management Systems with payment for excess baggage fees, etc.
Multi-sector seat map
Print to AEA airport printers, mobile, or Windows printers
Automated pre and post flight messaging

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