Airport Handling

Radixx Go™

Your airline is unique and so is every airport you serve.

You want to embrace the uniqueness of each destination to enhance your customers’ experience and yet you need to achieve streamlined passenger processing that boosts productivity, maximizes revenues and increases customer satisfaction.

With the right technology and processes, you can achieve great efficiencies and transform your airport environment to raise the bar with streamlined customer services.  


Enhance customer experience with mobile agents and self-help facilities

Your passengers will be delighted with the fully enabled roaming agents who offer check in anywhere pre-flight, even the hotel lobby, with just a swipe on a mobile device. Customers are empowered to use highly effective & intuitive self-help facilities during bag drop including automated baggage fee collection through to streamlined security processing.


Maximize revenue while optimizing load control

You can maximize your revenue opportunity with fully integrated sales facilities for your agents and even in the self-help facilities while reaching new heights in optimizing load control, ensuring your top priority – the safe operation of your aircraft – is delivered.


Reduced real estate cost in the airport

Now that you have equipped your agents and empowered your customers, you can enjoy the benefits of reduced real estate requirements inside even the most costly airports. Radixx solutions produce instant return once implemented.

State of the art features include

Tightly integrated with Radixx Passenger Processing system, including the main ancillary catalogue
Industry standard enabled
Governmental requirements certified

Revolutionize your airport environment

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