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Radixx airline merchandizing and distribution platforms combine retail best practices and airline expertise to deliver increased revenue and a differentiated traveler experience.

Radixx ezyCommerce™ - Omni-Channel Retailing

The Radixx ezyCommerce omni-channel solution offers industry-leading marketing and self-service passenger handling capabilities. The modern technology framework provides limitless customization opportunities for differentiating your brand and personalizing your offers.

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Radixx Res™ - Passenger Processing

The Radixx Res web-based solution enables airlines to increase their flight and ancillary revenues. The modern solution is built with retailing at the core, enabling centralized management of flight and value-added products.

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Radixx Go™ - Airport Handling

The Radixx Go™ industry-leading departure services solution provides airlines with innovative desktop, mobile, and kiosk technologies that have proven to increase ancillary revenues in the airport, enhance the passenger experience, and reduce airport real estate costs.

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Radixx Insight™ - Analytics & Optimization

Radixx Insight™ is an analytics and revenue optimization platform that enables airlines to leverage data in order to increase the effectiveness of their retailing and improve the efficiency of their operations.

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Radixx Professional Services™ - Professional Services

Radixx Professional Services is a comprehensive knowledge-based service enabling the effective utilization of our products using industry best-practices.

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