Low-Cost-Carrier Technology

Depth vs Breadth: Important considerations when choosing a low-cost carrier technology provider

For the past five years, low-cost carriers (LCC) have been growing at a rate of five times faster than full-service carriers (FSC). While the road to COVID-19 recovery is a long one, many predictions are already pointing to LCCs continuing that trend. With full recovery projected to be complete in 2025 (IATA) what can LCCs do now to ensure their continued success? First, we will look at why the LCC marketplace has been able to make a quick recovery.

The winners will be those airlines using technology providers with expansive industry expertise and systems that enable airlines to increase operational efficiency and scalability and provide the ability to differentiate their offers. In other words, a technology provider not just with breadth, but with sufficient depth.

The airlines that seek to bring long-term value to travelers will also enable themselves to deliver long-term returns to their airline.

What will you learn from this whitepaper?

  • Aviation industry recovery
  • Current low-cost carrier market dynamics as reported by aviation industry insiders
  • The hidden costs of choosing a technology provider without considering an airline’s short and long-term strategy
  • Low-cost carriers evolving business model considerations
  • What truly differentiates airline technology providers
  • LCC airline technology trends and innovations in the areas of personalized offers, retailing, and pricing recommendations
  • Effective retailing strategies and global airline ancillary revenue growth
  • Innovations in airline technology cloud solutions

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