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The Radixx Galaxy™ online distribution and passenger services system is architected using an Oracle Relationship Database Management Systems at its core, enabling all interactions across all channels to update in real-time

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Founded in 1993, Radixx International built the first Windows-based airline reservations system. The Radixx Air Passenger Services System was designed and engineered from the beginning to enable an airline to sell anything, through any channel (whether direct, through a global distribution system, ticketless, or ETicketed), using any form of payment.

With the innovations surrounding the internet, the natural progression of airlines moving away from just the sale of seats to the sale of practically everything and anything, in addition to the fare, was inevitable. Built from the ground up as an enterprise reservations platform, not just an inventory management system, Radixx’s offering uses the power and scalability of the Oracle relational database to serve more than 50 airlines, worldwide.

Radixx combines the power and scalability of the Oracle® 12C relational database with the flexibility and low cost of Linux and Windows. All sales channels supported by Radixx are integrated into the core Radixx Air PSS, based on a singular Oracle Relational Database. This enables all interactions to update in real time within the database and system, whether done via the Web, Call Center, Travel Agency Portal, DCS, GDS Connectivity, Interline Connectivity, Codeshare Connectivity, etc.


  • Deploy a powerful, flexible, fast database system, capable of processing high volumes of airline reservation transactions
  • Provide an underlying system that can scale with airlines as they grow and evolve from selling flight seats to also offering a multitude of other products and services
  • Enable airline customers to easily access all passenger data online and store the data for many years to support marketing, sales, and customer relationship management initiatives


  • Used Oracle Database as the foundation for Radixx’s reservation system, providing the performance and reliability required to meet the airline industry’s high-volume transaction processing needs
  • Enabled to answer system queries approximately 4x faster than competitors and to support hundreds of thousands of concurrent users at any given time
  • Handled more than 70 million availability requests—hundreds of millions of database transactions—on the company’s biggest single day, when one of its Indian airline clients gave out 1 million free seats
  • Ensured constant uptime with Oracle Database, providing the company’s airline customers with a competitive advantage against other carriers that experience system crashes when transaction volume is extremely high
  • Enabled the company to store all data for years, rather than purging passengers’ data after they have completed the last leg of their itineraries, as is the norm for most airlines—providing airline customers with visibility into how many times each customer has flown and additional products and services they have purchased, providing the ability to offer better and more targeted service
  • Maintained the accounting system within the reservation and sales system, enabling real-time online transactions rather than requiring payment routing through external clearinghouses—ultimately allowing Radixx’s customers to know with certainty, at any time, the accurate revenue with details for a particular flight
  • Allowed Radixx to rapidly deploy the system to new airline customers, with zero outages, data loss, or passenger disruptions
  • Prepared to deploy Oracle Database Appliance for several customers to offer the benefits of performance, reliability, and single-vendor support


Traditionally, the airline industry has used mainframe architectures rather than relational databases to support its reservation systems. However, Radixx International selected Oracle Database due to its performance, scalability, and reliability.

I can’t imagine any airline in the world that could not run everything on Oracle. We are constantly amazed. It has surpassed all expectations,” said Ron Peri, chief executive officer, Radixx International.


Radixx International has used Oracle Database since 2000 and upgraded to Oracle Database 12c in 2016.

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