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Radixx International, an industry-leading provider of travel distribution and passenger service system software for airline reservations, distribution and merchandising

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Radixx International

Radixx International, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, is now delivering its sixth-generation passenger service system. Founded in 1993 and now hosting 50 airlines on six continents, Radixx’s fully integrated, cloud-based solutions support all airline business models. Radixx first launched its Oracle based system with Airtran back in the 1990s. By basing its system on the Oracle relational database, it is able to offer a much richer reporting and querying environment than traditional systems.

Galaxy PSS is the first full web-native system that can be deployed in any public or private data center and has been certified to operate from the smallest cloud applications to the largest mainframe environments. Galaxy provides a customizable, complete, enterprise system that caters to the needs of hybrid, low-cost and traditional airlines, including support for interlining, code sharing and distribution through GDS. The Radixx system has always been hybrid, distributing through GDSs, interlines and codeshares supporting seamless and direct availability. It simultaneously supports LCC and IATA distribution. Radixx also has its own e-Ticketing engine and direct connections.

Radixx recently partnered with TA Associates, a leading global growth private equity firm. TA's recent investment gives Radixx needed capital and assistance in accelerating its growth. Click here to read more on TA and Radixx partnership.

Radixx has gained traction in recent years through partnering with entities such as EZY, for their IBE offering, to enable a much wider global IT support structure. Radixx acquired EZY, a Swedish-based technology provider specializing in airline IT and Web solutions, in 2016. Click here to read more on the EZY and Radixx partnership.

Mission Statement

To rationalize an irrational industry


With over 20 years of experience, Radixx partners with leading airlines to help reshape and tailor their business model to one that heightens performance and increases passenger volume. The Radixx Galaxy platform, our state of the art hybrid travel distribution and Passenger Service Systems, enables airlines to fully embrace the e-commerce retail model, leading to increased revenue and profitability.

Key Customers

In 2016 the Radixx system processed approximately over 60 million boarded passengers. Radixx‘ current PSS customer base of around 50 airlines, is mainly focused on Tier 4 and some Tier 3 airlines.

The company’s largest airline customer is flydubai, who is now processing in the region of 16 million passengers per annum and is likely to grow further. Click here to read more on the Radixx and flydubai partnership.

WOW Air, Iceland's second-largest airline, is known for thier low-fare, long-haul flights. This budget airline grew their fleet to 17 and destinations to 32 within the first five years. WOW Air has seen 125% growth year over year and is on track to do half a billion dollars in 2017.

Air Transat of Canada is also a large customer which has near to 8 million passengers of its own. Radixx and Transat together are implementing a state of the art solution that provides optimization of airline inventory across all the companies in the group and all distribution channels.

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